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BS Web Development GPA 3.2

Champlain College 2013 - 2016
  • Operating Systems,
  • Enterprise Database Systems,
  • Relational Database Design & SQL,
  • Networking Fundamentals,
  • Internet and Web Architecture,
  • TCP/IP,
  • Wireless Networks,
  • Windows Server Admin,
  • Usability Web & Software Design,
  • Linux Systems Administration I & II,
  • Web Development I & II,
  • Digital Photography,
  • Ethical Hacking,
  • Calculus

Independent Coursework

  • Dry-Stack Rock Wall Workshop - Queen City Soil & Stone
  • Intro To Linux Administration - The Linux Foundation EdX


  • 1st Class License - Vermont DLC (2017 - 2019)
  • CPR & First Aid - American Heart Association (2010 - 2012)

Work Experience

Front-End Web Developer

Contessa Fine Imports May 2017 - Present

Developed a web site for an importer of Polish linens, silks and woolens. Coded valid, semantic, maintainable, responsive HTML and CSS to make a custom site that performs on all devices. Implemented a English to French translation button with JavaScript. Created all digital images with my product photography setup in my home office. Configured domains, email and hosting.

Front-End Web Developer

CashorTrade.org April 2017 - Present

Built valid, semantic, maintainable, responsive HTML and CSS templates then used Handlebars.js to prepare them for the back-end developer. Used my knowledge of HTML5 Canvas and structural elements, CSS transitions, pseudo-classes, and other modern techniques to replace bulky JavaScript and 2004-era markup. Gave guidance on user-interface design. Gained experience developing a social app with a large user base (150k+) and custom PHP framework. Created email templates and promotional splash pages for marketing campaigns.

Founder & Digital Pattern Maker

EnchantedSew February 2017 - Present

EnchantedSew creates unique stuffed toys and sewing patterns for fantasy folklore lovers. Natural materials such as organic cotton and wool become soft sculptures that will be cherished by children ages 7+.

Web Development Intern

City Of Burlington, Vermont February 2016 - June 2016

Created an ASP.NET web app to increase city efficiency. Performed user research and interviews, created prototypes and high fidelity mockups, and coded responsive HTML, CSS, jQuery in Visual Studio.

Front-End Web Developer

Montroll, Backus & Oettinger, PC April 2015 - present

Developed a web site for a law firm. Coded valid, semantic, maintainable, responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a custom site that performs on all devices. Later redesigned the site and transported it to Squarespace. Orchestrated the creation of content. Edited copy and took professional portraits of the attorneys and environmental photography of the office building and local community. Taught the staff how to update their own content. Created social media accounts and taught the staff how to make quality postings. Configured domains, email, hosting, Google Analytics and managed Google AdWords campaigns.

Front-End Web Developer

Eric Eickmann December 2014 – April 2015

Developed a web site for a visual artist. Designed the web site to be engaging and understandable with clean text and white space. Assisted with the creation of content for his site and strategies for social media platforms. I coded the site from the ground up using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery. I gave special attention to smartphone user touch events and kept navigation easy and forgiving. Ultimately, this project solidified a digital identity for Eric and launched him into marketing himself online.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Lyon I LLC August 2014 - present

Developed a web app for a property rentals and management company. Prospective tenants can view the listings, their image galleries and their floor plans and search by number of bedrooms to find a match. Used Django, Heroku, AWS, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Additionally, I took photographs of the properties for the landing page, designed a logo for the business and developed text content.

Community Support Worker

HowardCenter April 2011 - April 2012

One-on-one caretaker for boys aged 7-12 on the Autism spectrum and with attachment disorders.

Respite Care

Northeast Kingdom Human Services December 2010 - April 2011

Caretaker for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Comfort Inn August 2010 - December 2010

Master of single-serving coffee packets, tiny soaps and shampoos; I can change and make a bed in five minutes.

Nursery Worker

Houghton's Greenhouses March 2010 - August 2010

In the early spring participated in the seasonal setup of the greenhouses, seed starting, potting and transplanting, then in the summer provided hydration and nutrients to crops, maintained appearance of perennials in displays, and helped customers select plants based on their preferences and environmental conditions. Created a positive experience for visitors.

Florist Apprentice

A Daisy Daze December 2009 - March 2010

This experience instilled in me a sense of universal design principles - color, texture, shape, size, value, and line. I had hands on practice arranging bouquets, helping customers select plants and flowers from displays, maintaining the health of plants in displays, assisting with advertising, and managing the checkout counter during the busy Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day holiday seasons.

Farm Hand/Cashier

Greg's Farm Stand April 2008 - December 2009

Planting vegetables, weeding and watering gardens, walking goats, collecting eggs, picking berries, baking whoopie pies, and keeping Green Mountain coffee dispensers clean and full.

Independent Projects

Python + Beautiful Soup Web Crawler and Email Scraper

See it on GitHub

Starts with a random link to a web page and saves all the links and email addresses it finds to an external file. Traverses the links. Composes and sends emails to every email address. An exercise in bots, IMAP and SMTP.

Python Reddit Bot

See it on GitHub

Uses the Reddit API to crawl posts, then makes a reply to all posts that include certain keywords. An exercise in bots.


Sponsorship Coordinator

UX Burlington Conference April 2017 - June 2017

Reached out to prospective sponsors using email and phone, demonstrated excellent communication and pitch skills and coordinated sign ups via our web payment platform. Generated new sponsorship relationships for the organization.

Presenter of “Minecraft Hacking w/ Python & Pi”

Burlington Python March 2017

Presented at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center on programming Minecraft with Python 3.5 and Raspberry Pi. I taught an audience of 14 how to use Python fundamentals such as conditional statements, loops and functions to automate and inspire their Minecraft worlds. I demonstrated how to build large structures (diamond cubes, craters, lakes, pyramids, rainbows and castles) without a single pickax swing, and how to use while loops to leave a trail of forest vegetation and trees in your footsteps.


Volunteer Gardener

Vermont Zen Center October 2016

Assisted in fall garden cleanup and maintenance/planting of perennials.

Volunteer Gardener

Vermont Community Garden Network Day In The Dirt April 2016

In order to beautify The Railyard and provide both educational and leisure gardens, re-purposed salvaged building materials to create raised beds and container gardens.

Piano Player

The Riverside Life Enrichment Center 2009

Played the piano and provided weekly entertainment to residents of the nursing home. Played hits from the 50’s and 60’s, country, soft rock and pop genres, such as “Great Balls Of Fire”, Elton John, The Beatles, “Moonlight in Vermont” and such.

Vermont Foodbank Volunteer

Sheffield Food Shelf January 2008 - December 2009

Every month unloaded pallets of produce, arranged and stocked tables, and helped people select items during food shelf hours. Assisted in cleaning of town hall and storing food items after the events.